WETPOL 2021 – 9th International Symposium On Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control

L’unité REVERSAAL, participera au Colloque international, WETPOL 2021- Wetland pollutant dynamics and control  ( http://wetpol.com/), du 13 au 17 septembre, avec la participation de 7 membres de l’unité:

1) Katharina Tondera, Structure of root-associated fungal communities in TW microcosms, Lundi 13 Septembre à 16h15

2) Ania Morvannou,  Pollutant removal in an aerated vertical flow wetland treating raw domestic wastewater, Mardi 14 Septembre à 18h30

3) Jaime Nivala, Evapotranspiration in aerated and non-aerated subsurface flow treatment wetlands, Mardi 14 Septembre à 18h45

4) Luc Séranne, Influence of airflow, material type and dripline density on gas transfer and bubble pathways in aerated vertical flow treatment wetlands, Mardi 14 Septembre à 19h15.

5) Nicolas Forquet, French vertical flow treatment wetlands: definition and characterization of the biomantle, Mercredi 15 Septembre à 13h15.

6) Stéphanie Prost-Boucle, Treatment and reuse of highly loaded rumery effluents in tropical climate, by combination of activated sludge and vertical flow treatment wetlands, Mercredi 15 Septembre à 13h45.

7) Laura Delgado-Gonzalez, A new tool for evaluating organic matter transport in infiltration areas for treated wastewater ?, Mercredi 15 Septembre à 15h30.