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Pyrenees National Park Project
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To reduce the impact of the lodging facilities on the environment, the Pyrenees National Park has undertaken a series of measures to make the Ayous accommodation a showcase for environmental solutions. Concerning the management of wastewater, the alternative of dry toilets is being considered. This would reduce the volume of wastewater and consumed in the lodging facility, as well as lighten the pollution load of the water to be treated. This separation at the source would be an opportunity to change the design of the wastewater treatment chain. In order to best size the sanitation system that would be suitable for treating domestic water (only), it is necessary to know the wastewater characteristics, in terms of volume and pollutant load, in the particular context of mountain lodges. In order to minimize the impact of water discharge in the core area of the park, we consider the infiltration of treated wastewater.

Through this project, it will be a question of: i) a better knowledge of these waters of Ayous lodging facility, in order to better characterize the polluting load corresponding exclusively to household water, ii) an adapted design of the treatment wetlands in the context of the high Pyrenees mountains, iii) a determination of the performances of the treatment process and of the infiltration system of treated wastewater.