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Project initiator: Municipality of LAMA REVERSAAL Manager : Nicolas FORQUET INRAE-REVERSAAL Partners: Commune of Lama, SYNTEA, AERMC, INRAE, G-EAU, CTC, OEHC 2017-2019
In a context where certain territories suffer from a quantitative imbalance between water resources and withdrawals, the LAMA-REUT project is evaluating a solution for an additionnal treatment step of treated wastewater using a filtration stage made up of soil that has been reworked with a view to reusing it for irrigating olive trees.

In partnership with Syntea (Project Coordinator), a manufacturer specializing in nature-based solutions, we have set up a follow-up on a pilot installation located at the wastewater treatment plant of Lama (Corsican community). We are particularly interested in the distribution of water in the soil as well as its evolution over time by a monitoring of electrical resistivity tomography. Finally, we carry out experiments on smaller reactors in the laboratory in order to evaluate the applicable loads as well as the potential transposition to other soils.