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Experimentation and research hall on the site of the wastewater treatment plant – FEYSSINE

Contact: Jean-Marc Perret, jean-marc.perret(at)

The platform

The research and experimentation platform of UR REVERSAAL located near the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of La Feyssine (Lyon) allows to deepen the knowledge of complex phenomena related to urban wastewater treatment. It is a tool that contributes to providing public and private actors about design and operations rules of wastewater treatment systems, with a view to the preservation and sustainable use of resources. Situated at a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), the research platform can be used to experiment with wastewater and sludge at different stages of treatment.

The equipment

■Two semi-industrial pilots (3 m3) of activated sludge type, which can be transformed into other channels (MBBR or IFAS, SBR).

■Four treatment wetland pilots.

■Two membrane bioreactors for advanced wastewater treatment.

The applications

Development, evaluation and optimization of urban wastewater treatment processes:

·         Intensive aerobic biological treatment

·         Extensive biological treatment

Treatment and valorization of co-products: Drying of sewage sludge by extensive systems

Development of management support tools (Modeling)

Characterization of discharge to surface waters (major pollutants and micropollutants)