who are we?


The Research Unit REVERSAAL “Reduce, Reuse, and Valorize Residual Water Resources” was created on January 1, 2018. It conducts research on processes for the recovery and treatment of urban water, including wastewater, rainwater and sewage sludge. The objective of the research unit is to advance knowledge and develop relevant and innovative recommendations in terms of the design, operation, and optimization of treatment facilities. We develop innovative methods and tools that are transferable to public and private organizations. Our research contributes to conceptualizing wastewater treatment plants of the future, and their integration into the sewer network-treatment plant-surface water/soil continuum. The research unit is comprised of researchers, technicians, students, and interns (up to 50 people when running at full capacity).

REVERSAAL’s research is in line with European and national policies on 1) protection of receiving environments by improving the treatment performance of eco-technologies; 2) promotion of the bioeconomy through resource recovery; 3) adaptation to climate change and energy transition through the energy optimization of eco-technologies, and 4) the production of methane from sludge.

The researchers and engineers of REVERSAAL define, program, and coordinate multidisciplinary research activities and projects. The research approach is based on the coupling of experimentation at different scales (from the laboratory to industrial systems) and modelling, with a strong capacity for field experiments (observatories, industrial sites). Experimental work is carried out by a technical group of four people who work regularly in the Feyssine Research Hall, on the Craponne site, in the Centre’s technical premises at La Doua and on wastewater treatment plants.


“feet in the water: from the lab to the field, let’s share our knowledge” organised by H2O Lyon and Réseaux Rivières TV

On the occasion of World Water Day 2021, Perrine Devos has presented her PhD works during a webinar “feet in the water: from the lab to the field, let’s share our knowledge” organised by H2O Lyon and Réseaux Rivières TV. For those who were unable to attend, a replay has been put online on the …

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