2020 Treatment Wetland Modeling Workshop (Lyon, France)

2020 Treatment Wetland Modeling Workshop (Lyon, France)

21-24 June 2020

Nicolas Forquet, Ania Morvannou, Bernhard Pucher

Modeling of treatment wetlands (TW) has increasingly evolved from using black box models to mechanistic models. Since many years, pre-conference workshops on this topic have been organized by Guenter Langergraber to promote the usage of mechanistic models like HYDRUS and its Wetland Module which includes two biokinetic models, namely CWM1 and CW2D. Later on Roger Samso implemented the CWM1 model in COMSOL and added a much needed sub-model describing clogging and named BioPore. In 2015, a join workshop has been organized at the WETPOL conference in York to teach how to use both the HYDRUS Wetland Module and the BioPore model.

Based on the feedback we received, we would like to offer something different and complementary. The 2020 Treatment Wetland Modeling Workshop will be held in June-July in Lyon. It will focus on how to use modeling results results to answer scientific or engineering questions. Therefore post-processing, how to calculate mass-balance, performances  and plot nice looking figures will be discussed. Different methods of sensitivity analysis will be presented and discussed to identify the most appropriate one based on the study goals. Another aspect is to demonstrate how a complicated numerical model can be turned into an engineering tool using a surrogate model. Although mechanistic models will be introduced and used during the workshop, it is meant to reach the expectation of a broader audience and those who are performing statistical modeling are also welcome! The workshop is open to master and PhD students, researchers as well as R&D engineers.

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